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Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Dr. Charles E. Gavin Memorial Foundation shall be to perpetuate and further the humanitarian ideals and goals to which Dr. Gavin dedicated his life.  His lifetime dedication to the welfare of his fellow man was a source of hope and inspiration for all of those with whom he came in contact.  The Foundation shall promote and maintain the priceless human virtues for which Dr. Charles E. Gavin stood and shall dedicate itself to the same commitment to humanity, the selflessness in service to mankind and the love and deep respect for human life that typified and consumed his life and work.  In order to emphasize, preserve and perpetuate the type of love, hope and inspiration, which he provided for so many, the Dr. Charles E. Gavin Memorial Foundation has been established.

In dedicating itself to the humanitarian life style of Dr. Gavin and in carrying out the above stated purposes the Foundation shall have all the rights, powers and duties prescribed by law.  According to its resources, it shall initiate, support and help maintain those charitable, educational, cultural and social endeavors that best promote the interest and well-being of mankind. The Foundation's endeavors shall include, but shall not be limited to the granting of financial aid, assistance and guidance to men and women enrolled in colleges and universities, the granting of aid and assistance for the furtherance of sound and effective health care and the granting of aid and assistance for furtherance of human love and understanding among races and creeds in our society.

The Gavin Foundation is a registered 501 (C) (3) not for profit organization.